Wine making is both an art and a science and through the decades we have observed and learnt to better understand our unique terroir.
At Peter Falke Wines, our emphasis shifts from wine making to wine growing, we believe the quality of an exclusive wine is achieved from its grapes.

Our philosophy is to capture the essence of the yearly harvest coming from the terroir.
We hand select our grapes in the vineyards and once in the cellar we release their true inner character in a traditional way combined with modern technics, by applying natural and minimalistic processes.

Werner Schrenk, viticulturist and wine maker joined the Falke team in 2007. He has won awards, silver and gold medals for the wines he has produced at Peter Falke Wines.

Louis Nel joined Peter Falke Wines as consultant wine maker in October 2013. He produced many award winning wines during his career and is a member of the prestigious Cape Wine Makers Guild.